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Raven Rock Quarry
Raven Rock Quarry

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We use a diamond wire saw to custom
fabricate our natural stone.

Check out images of our new acquired
columnar basalt
Raven Rock Quarry.

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Raven Rock Quarry is a columnar basalt formation located in the Moses Lake, WA area and owned and operated by Vancouver Stone, LLC. Many, many years ago, massive lava flows covered much of Central and Eastern Washington. Lava erupted out of cracks in the earth's crust and flowed for long distances creating a basalt flood. As the basalt cooled it cracked, forming these exceptional six sided columns. Their distinct characteristics are bronze and copper on the exterior with remarkable crystallized black interiors. Design applications can include fountains, benches, signs, mantels, table tops, bird baths, sculptures, stair treads, and/or horizontal wall stone.

Raven Rock Quarry